Are you looking for a great escape from hectic city? Then Kalibaru should be on your list. After a few days on the road, the tiny village of Kalibaru is the perfect place to relax and enjoy some local culture before heading off into the wilds again. Discover the rural village where you can find chickens roam on the street and see local farmer carries the fresh-picked vegetables inside their traditional horse carriage. Here, some children take a bath in the river and some women do laundry near spring water. Known as a famous destination among travellers from the Netherlands and France because of its history, you can spot some old Dutch colonial buildings spread in this area which turn into the local residences.

At Kalibaru plantation, you can find cocoa, coffee, cloves, vanily, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper grow here. You can also visit and see closely the process of raw rubber inside the old factory. As a rural area, travellers can learn how to climb a palm tree and harvest some coconuts. For children, they can learn how to make some traditional local ornaments from palm leaves.